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Detailed Review of Popular Private Orthodontist in Glasgow

The perfect smile is now more achievable than ever thanks to private orthodontist in Glasgow the Berkeley Clinic serving up a rich and elite range of teeth straightening treatments. Although the Berkeley Clinic is a private dentist, the quality service provided from the impressively trained team is well worth the price. Having bad teeth and all the problems that comes with it such as self-esteem issues, missed opportunities for personal relationships or even employment advancement can be emotionally straining and socially restrictive. This review of the Berkeley Clinic will outline the key benefits of attending this particular clinic and why you should choose them for all your orthodontic treatments.

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Inman Aligner at the Berkeley Clinic

This innovative orthodontic treatment can straighten teeth in a matter of weeks and it almost invisible. First of all it is a removal brace which is clipped on to your teeth at the back. The front section that covers your teeth is made of transparent plastic, meaning that you can’t tell the patient is wearing them unless from a very short distance. The removable brace makes the entire teeth straightening process much more comfortable as your eating habits are not restricted or affected as they would be with traditional metal braces. Also the transparent design allows the patient to feel a lot less embarrassed about having them. Big occasions such as presentations in work and a photo opportunity are not interrupted as the brace is not easily seen. Overall the Inman Aligner is a great product for adults who struggle with self-esteem or are very embarrassed about having braces on and feel it will have a detrimental affect their life, even though they are intended to correct a problem and make them feel better. The Berkeley Clinic are an orthodontist in Glasgow supplying the Inman Aligner to patients.

Invisalign Clear Braces

The Berkeley Clinic offer a free consultation for those who are having Invisalign braces applied to teeth straightening. These braces are similar to the Inman Aligner in that they are removable and they are transparent, however the process is slightly different. With Invisalign, the brace looks more like a plastic retainer that is typically given to those who have completed their teeth straightening course to wear at night in order to prevent the teeth moving back to their old positions. There are also many moulds made and every visit the patient will take the new mould home. Each mould has the teeth positioned slightly closer to perfectly straight, meaning that the patient can see the way the teeth will move before it happens, plus the length of treatment time is a lot easier to predict.

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What Makes This Orthodontist in Glasgow so Popular?

The Berkeley Clinic offer several teeth straightening options and always choose the apparatus that will benefit the patient the most. The clinic is also a private dental surgery as well as an aesthetic clinic which means they specialise in making people look and feel their best. On top of that the clinic have a specialist on their team who treats patients that suffer with dental anxiety. Going to the dentist or orthodontist in Glasgow, or anywhere in the world for that matter, is never an enjoyable experience. Some people however are very afraid of dental work and can avoid visiting for years. This can result in very serious complications developing for those who have been ignoring a dental issue for too long. The Berkeley Clinic offer a supreme service that specifically helps those who struggle to make it to the chair.