Close up of damp wall before damp experts have solved problem

Where to Find Damp Experts to Restore Your Home to Health

Damp can become a very serious issue if not treated quickly and effectively. No matter how well we look after our homes, sometimes there is an underlying issue that cannot be resolved without the input of a professional. If you have a damp issue in your home or commercial property then you should contact a reliable and trustworthy company who have the correct skills and experience to help you restore your home to health. Richardson and Starling are damp experts in Scotland helping property owners eliminate damp and to prevent it happening again.


Richardson and Starling

This company has been delivering property care since 1935 and are well known for their impressive skill and knowledge when it comes to property repairs and preservation. With over 80 years of experience in the industry, Richardson and Starling are true damp experts as well as specialising in many other aspects of property repair such as extreme weather repair, refurbishments and timber repairs. If you are having a problem with damp in your home, it’s very important that you speak to a professional as soon as possible. Although you may know of ways you can reduce damp yourself, there may be an underlying issue that is the root cause of the damp, and if left too late to be resolved could become irreparable or cause irreversible damage.

Damaged wall and radiator before damp experts start work

Why You Need a Damp Expert

There are many issues relating to damp in the home that can be detrimental to your foundations and your furniture. First of all it is important that you understand there are different types of damp and depending on the type and the cause of the problem you could end up having to have a lot of reparations made to your home. Below are a few different types of damp and warning signs that might help you to avoid a damp catastrophe.

Rising Damp

This is when moisture rises up through the brick or masonry walls from the ground. Most people are unaware that walls act as a sponge and are able to absorb a lot of moisture. The warning signs of rising damp are a water mark on the wall that looks similar to a tidemark. The effects of rising damp are damages to decorations, plastering, the structural timber of your home and sometimes the furniture within the home. Damp walls can occur in most types of building however it is potentially unhealthy to live with damp in the home.

Two damp experts preparing a house for restoration

Penetrating Damp

This is a much more serious issue that can affect the roof, the walls, the pointing and even the sub ground areas. If you notice any damp, strange watermarks, suspicious growths of mould or unusual smells you may be looking at a penetrating damp problem. Sometimes the cause has been from a change in a nearby area such as the garden which results in the home developing penetrating damp.

How the Damp Experts Deal With the Problem

Richardson and Starling will complete a detailed survey of the property first to ensure they fully understand the severity of the situation and the root cause of the damp problem. Depending on the property type and the underlying issues they will either repair the damp proof barrier or have to create and implement a new damp proof system.