Following the deliberation by Joseph Grima, Chus Martinez and Ingo Niermann, we are happy to announce that the 5 projects selected to be realised as Inhabitant Zero residencies are:


”The Restoration Act” 🔨

Coco Derenne

This project proposes a collective act of mending as a tool to connect with people but as well a language to address the social. The idea takes into account tradition and history taken it to a performative social dimension.

“The Internet of Things” 📡

Matthew Stewart

The Internet of Things, can you imagine that your old sofa is also in internet? The project proposes a different approach to anagogic objects under the logic of our technological society, all object can potentially connect and to discover a new dimension of the Mill bridging its pre-technological life with today’s media society.

”Living in a world” 🌎

Tamas Szvet & Klara Petra Szabo

Living in a world that constantly stresses and praises communication, we need, more than ever to explore its contrary: silence. This project proposes to collectively exercise silence and meditation practices in order to create new bonds among the participants, but also among the place and its future.

”Documentary” 📽

Giovanni Papini

This film project uses the visual language as a way of both, fictionalize and document the area. Exploring different landscapes, but also approaching the distance ways the inhabitants tell and recall their life here, the proposed film seems a very adequate way to produce a portrait of today’s Jackobsberg.

“The immigrant” ✈️


This proposal explores displacement as a way of setting up life into a new place. Migration, and the conditions of need that many millions of people are facing today are addressed here in affirmative act of moving here from Java, for a month, and sense the meaning of „just being here“.


Inhabitant Zero residency program: A call for proposals

Inhabitant Zero is a call for proposals for a research residency. Could you be the first inhabitant of Kalejdohill? 

Kalejdohill imagines a society where the citizens are inquisitive, involved and pro-active in the making of the places where they live. Therefore, we are inviting individuals or teams to come and stay for a month in the Yellow House on a hill in central Jakobsberg, as a way of introducing the idea of an involved citizen in the post-welfare state landscape of Sweden. For the duration of the residency, the resident or team of residents, will be asked to produce a study, a diary, an investigation or something we haven't thought of. What it is like to live in a foreign country, in a development before it is developed? 

An international jury will select 5 proposals, each for a month-long residency in the Yellow House of Kalejdohill.