Up until about 50 years ago it was agricultural land throughout the area. The land began to be developed from the mid 1950´s. In 1966 HSB, a cooperative housing association, bought the land from several landowners to build apartment blocks. Vibblaäng housing area was finished in 1966, around the time that the mill was still there. Then, there really was no center in Jakobsberg, just a few small shops and the railroad crossing. 

Kvarnbacken has approximately 130 ancient sites of significance. It is a mixture of cairns, mounds and stone circles, most of which are in the southern part of the hill. The site is known for having been a place where milling happened. The first mention of a mill is in 1786, when a mill worker was reported to be among those who resided in Jakobsberg. The miller lived in a cottage in the immediate vicinity of the mill.

At several places on Kvarnbacken there are noticeable traces of settlement. The most obvious are the fruit trees, which are both up on Kvarnbacken, and on its eastern side, against Järfälla road.

The mill burned down one night in May of 1980 but it was reconstructed based on old photos, and consecrated in 1981.