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How to Use Boxes for Packing Purposes | Life Admin Advice

Packing boxes for transport purposes may seem a very simple job until you have done it. For a successful move, there is the right and wrong way of packing and hence you should know what exactly is expected of you. Remember you will be packing different items, whose weight, quantity and delicacy differs. This means that you have to use different techniques to arrange your items safely in your packing box. You should ensure that your items remain safe both during storage and during transit by making sure that you follow the right packing procedure. In this article, we will be looking at the dos and the don’t dos when packing items on your packing box. Read on and learn!

Best Packing Practices

It is usually advisable that you use new or corrugated boxes when packing. If for any reason you decide on using old boxes, it is very important that you first start by testing your boxes for quality and durability to avoid damages on your items.

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Qualities of a Good Packing Box

A packing box should be strong enough to support all the items on it. Below are some of the features of a good packing box:

  • Should be rigid
  • Should not have rips
  • Should not be damaged at the corners
  • Should not have punctures or tears

Packing Steps to Follow

Having obtained an ideal packing box, you should follow the following steps when packing the items on your box:

  • Use a packing tape for reinforcing the bottom part of the box. This is very important especially if your box is damaged or has been used. This will make sure that your items remain intact and that none of the items falls during transportation.
  • Pack systematically- Start by placing the heavy items on the bottom. You can then place the lighter items later. This will ensure that the heavy items do not damage the lighter items.
  • Fill the empty spaces- After packing your items, you might notice some spaces on the sides of the box. It is very important that you fill up these spaces to ensure that your items remain firm and do not move from side to side. You can use fabric to do this.
  • Maintain the weight of the boxes at less than 20KGS. It is very important to you ensure that your box is not too heavy by packing only the number of items that it can comfortably handle. If your box is too heavy, then there is a higher chance that it might tear down due to the enormous weight.
  • Ensure that you can easily seal the boxes- It is very important that you be able to close your boxes at the top. If your box cannot be sealed up, then you might have to consider using another box while transporting your items. If your box remains open, there is a higher risk of losing some of your items.

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Although some of these considerations may seem so basic, it is important to note that most people actually take them for guaranteed only for them to fail later. It is therefore very important that you try these guidelines to the latter, for safe storage and transportation.