The Best iPhone Games on the App Store | Tech Review

The Best iPhone Games on the App Store | Tech Review

What is the best way to kill some time when you’re waiting on a friend or you’ve got ten minutes until the next train? It’s probably finding a good iPhone Game to play. Gone are the days when the only way to play a video game was by booting up your PlayStation or XBOX. You can now play them almost anywhere with that expensive thing that is in your pocket. Finding the right game can be hard when there is so much choice so here is a selection of some of the best ones the app store has to offer:

1.      80 Days

A game that is based on the famous novel Around the World in 80 Days. You play as Passepartout, the servant to the famous Phileas Fogg. This game places you in charge of packing the bags, planning the itinerary and negotiating in markets amongst others. While those tasks might not seem fun on the surface the witty writing and detours that this game takes you down ensures that you have a blast along the way. This game is perfect for people who like interactive stories or people that want to unleash the explorer within.


2.      Hitman GO

The smartphone relative of the popular console series Hitman. While it differs heavily from the console games it still manages to capture the fun and beauty of them. It feels like a board game were the objective is to find the most creative way to assassinate a target at different locations such as a party or museum.  This game is perfect for people who were fans of the original series as well as people who enjoy a good puzzle (that puzzle being the best way to kill a board game character).

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3.      A Dark Room

This game starts you off in a dark room that is cold and secretive. You then set a fire and go on the search for wood. Once that happens is when the secrets start to become uncovered. If you like mystery with your games then A Dark Room is perfect for you. We won’t say anymore because uncovering what this game has to offer is one of the best things about playing this one.


4.      Ridiculous Fishing

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Ridiculous Fishing is indeed one of those ridiculous iPhone games that just seems to work. Using guns amongst other items to capture fish you’ll get creative and find ways to pull in creatures of the sea you never thought were possible. This game is perfect for people that like fishing but find it boring – this game fixes that problem right up.

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5.      Framed 2

If you played the original Framed then you will definitely love this one even more. For those of you that are not in the know, Framed 2 is a game where you watch a series of events play out like it is an animated comic book. You have the power to change the frames around so that events play out differently and as the game goes on the more tricky and complex the challenges will get. A game that is perfect for comic book fans and those of us that enjoy a good puzzle.


6.      Super Mario Run

Everyone has played some iteration of the Mario series over the years. Whether that be Mario Kart on the Wii to one of the original games back in the days of SNES. Well why not try the mobile version? In this game you play as the loveable plumber as he runs through levels. Your job is to make him jump and collect as many coins as possible. If you like Mario you’ll love this game and while it may seem monotonous to some it will become annoyingly addicting as you try to perfect each level.