Information Guide on Top Clinics Fitting Veneers Glasgow

Information Guide on Top Clinics Fitting Veneers Glasgow

Veneers Glasgow is a cosmetic or corrective treatment that is growing in popularity amongst adults in and around the city. Whether it’s the replacement of one damaged tooth or a full set of pearly whites, veneers are the ideal solution to solve the problem of an unattractive tooth or teeth that cannot be repaired or enhanced by other means of dental treatment. If you are considering getting veneers, it is important you are able to identify a dental surgery that suits all your requirements. This guide is designated to outline the benefits of choosing leading dental practice in Glasgow, the Berkeley Clinic.

The Berkeley Clinic

This private dental practice is arguably the best clinic serving cosmetic and dental treatments in the city. The Berkeley Clinic boasts an impressive team of award winning dentists and orthodontists who go above and beyond to cater for patients clinical needs while practising in a luxurious and relaxing city centre establishment. The dental surgery is private, therefore all work carried out must be paid for. There are some cases where your veneers Glasgow can be paid for by the NHS but this would only be on medical grounds such as if you have a medical condition that causes the surface of your teeth to deteriorate or become unsightly. Also if you have been involved in some kind of accident that resulted in your teeth being damaged, it is likely that the NHS will pay for your dental treatment.

Man smiling to show is teeth before he gets veneers Glasgow

Dental Anxiety

As well as using state of the art technology when fitting veneers Glasgow, The Berkeley Clinic also have a very modern and inclusive way of practicing dentistry as they cater to patients with dental anxiety. There is a specialist, Mike Gow, who is Clinical Director of Dental Anxiety Management as well as a dentist at the Berkeley Clinic. Making patient’s feel relaxed and helping them to receive the proper care they require for oral health is a top priority at this city centre practice.

Innovative Technology for Veneers Glasgow

The Berkeley Clinic is a prime choice for having your veneers done as they use the most advanced dental technology which not only provides stunning results but also speeds up the entire process. At a typical dental surgery it can take up to two weeks and at least two visits to get veneers fitted. This is because the first appointment is to have dental impressions taken and to identify which shade is best for your veneers. The impressions and other details are then sent to a dental laboratory where the veneers are made before being sent back to your dental practice to be fitted at a secondary appointment. The Berkeley Clinic can have the entire process completed in one day as they have their own dental laboratory and technician on site. This is advantageous for the patient as they don’t have to wait for a follow up appointment, plus they can meet their technician in person to discuss their expectations and uncertainties, if any. What’s more reassuring about this set up, is in the unlikely event that the patient wasn’t happy with the veneers then the technician is on hand to resolve the issue, as opposed to most other dental surgeries where they would be sent back to the external lab and a third appointment would be required.