What to Look for When You Hire Event Staff for a Bar

What to Look for When You Hire Event Staff for a Bar
If you need to hire event staff to run a bar, then you may be wondering what qualities and skills are important. Working behind a bar consists of a lot more than pouring drinks, the ideal candidate must possess other qualities to ensure that drinks keep flowing and customers are happy. Here is what to look for when you hire event staff to run a bar.

Good Memory

Good memory is an essential part of working behind a bar. When you hire event staff, they will have to remember what drinks have been ordered by what customer. Depending on the setup and size of the bar, they may also need to remember the cost of drinks from the till to the customer. A bad memory will see bar staff running around like headless chickens, back and forward to try and figure out what is going on.


Communication is key when working behind a busy bar and any time you hire event staff it’s essential to ensure they have the skills needed to carry this out effectively. Bar staff will need to communicate with each other to ensure that the fridges stay stocked, that the kegs aren’t sitting empty and that everyone is getting served. Staff may also need to make their presence known when walking past other staff members who have their backs turned.


Organisation is also extremely important when it comes to working behind a bar. During an event, you don’t want the bar to look unorganised and messy, this will reflect badly on both you and the staff. Worktops must be kept as clear as possible, this includes moving dirty glasses, empty bottles and wiping down surfaces. This will make it easier for the bar staff to find things as well as being less stressful in general.


When you hire event staff, they will represent you to the guests at the event. Due to this, it is extremely important that whoever is going to be interacting with guests is friendly and polite. No one wants a moody, rude bartender.


When you hire event staff to work behind a bar you want to ensure that they have a clear head. It can be stressful at times, but that shouldn’t get the better of them. Bar staff should be able to keep their cool in busy and often stressful situations.

Necessary Jobs Behind a Bar

As well as the skills listed above, there are some other requirements of bar staff. You should ask about these when you hire event staff to work behind the bar;

  • Cleaning bar equipment, glassware
  • Collecting and managing payments
  • Restocking fridges/changing kegs
  • Attentive
  • Mixing drinks
  • Monitor alcohol consumption
  • Fast paced working