Scissor Lift Platforms | Your Workspace May Need one

Scissor Lift Platforms | Your Workspace May Need one

Scissor lift platforms could be the solution to some of the problems in your workplace. They pose a lot of benefits and uses in a warehouse or factory setting.

scissor lift platforms

Advantages of Using a Scissor Lift Platform in the Workplace

There are many advantages of using a scissor lift platform if you work in a warehouse or factory, some of the main benefits include;


One of the main advantages of using a scissor lift platform in the workplace is that they are incredibly safe. They are one of the safest forms of aerial access platform available today. Due to the way that they are made, they are incredibly sturdy.

Increases Productivity

The use of a scissor lift platform can help increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace. This is due to a number of reasons including;

  • Transport goods with ease
  • Get to hard to reach places
  • Allows you to store goods high up
  • Employees experience less strain and fatigue
  • Saves time


There are different types of scissor lift platforms, which one is right for your workplace will depend on the type of work that it will be required to carry out. They also come with different power sources such as electric (for inside) and diesel (for outside). They also come in a range of sizes, widths and heights to fit any workspace.


Due to the way that scissor lifts function, you don’t need to compromise on the height. This is due to them being extremely compact when the lift is down. This allows them to be stored with great ease.

scissor lift platforms

Quick Facts About Scissor Lift Platforms

Just because scissor lift platforms are generally used in the workplace, doesn’t mean that they’re boring, here are some quick and fun facts about them;

  • Scissor lift platforms are the most commonly used aerial platforms in the UK
  • They can be used as a car lift
  • Oldest type of aerial work platform, invented in 1968
  • Scissor lift platforms can be powered in 3 different ways – hydraulic, pneumatic or mechanical
  • Often used in film sets to get the right angle for shots
  • They are called scissor lift platforms due to the support being formed in the same way scissors are

scissor lift platforms

How to Maintain a Scissor Lift Platform

Just like any piece of machinery, scissor lift platforms need to be maintained in order to ensure their safety and functionality. Manufacturers should include a manual when you purchase the platform. This will include instructions such as;

  • How to test and inspect controls and components (needs to be done every time before use)
  • Ensure the guardrail are fully functioning and in good working condition
  • Make sure that the breaks are able to hold the lift in position

If you are buying a scissor lift platform second hand, ensure that it has been through the appropriate safety checks and comes with the original manual. Also, ask how old it is and its frequency of use.

Just be wary, a scissor lift platform that is faulty could be at risk of the lift mechanism collapsing, as well as other potentially life-threatening disasters.