Seat Upholstery | Types of Re-Upholstery

Seat Upholstery | Types of Re-Upholstery

There are many benefits of upholstery. If you have an older piece of furniture it is more likely to have a good quality structure compared to newly manufactured furniture. There are many types of seat upholstery and reupholstery.

seat upholstery

Types of Seat Upholstery

Some of the different types of seat upholstery include;

Chair Upholstery

There are many different types of chairs that can be upholstered, some of these include;

  • Arm chair
  • Wing-back chair/modern wing-back chair
  • Bergère
  • Slipper
  • Lawson arm-chair (box chair)
  • Club chair
  • Occasional chair

Sofa Upholstery

Everything from a double reclining sofa to a full suit can be upholstered.

Stool Upholstery

Yes, even stools and footrests can be upholstered. If your piece of furniture has fabric on it then it can be revamped by a specialist.

Car Seat Upholstery

As well as seats for inside your home, car seats can also be upholstered.

seat upholstery

Benefits of Seat Upholstery

There are many benefits to seat upholstery;


Upholstery allows you to completely change your living space.


If your furniture is in disrepair, then upholstery is a great option. You no longer have to put up with a piece of furniture that has holes in the fabric or is worn from use.

Wide Range of Colours

Upholstery offers a wide range of colours, patterns and fabrics. Pretty much any fabric can be used, if you can get your hands on enough of it.

Better for the Environment

Hundreds of thousands of old sofas and chairs get thrown out every year. The majority of these end up in landfill sites. Most sofas and chairs have some sort of metal framework or fixings, which take anywhere between 50-500 years to decompose, depending on the type of metal that has been used. This causes huge problems for the planet and is completely preventable.

Better Quality

The manufacturing industry has changed dramatically. People want things quickly and they want them cheaply. This is why modern and new build sofas and chairs tend to be lower quality than their older counterparts. By upholstering your furniture, you can help preserve the good quality furniture that you have for a lot longer.

More Than Just Fabric

Seat upholstery isn’t just about changing the fabric. Upholsters can also re-pad old furniture that may be looking and feeling a bit worse for wear. If you have wooden furniture, this can be restored, watermarks, light scratches and scrapes and general discolouration can be corrected and restored to an almost new condition.

seat upholstery