Why Does Global Trade Have to Be Improved?

Why Does Global Trade Have to Be Improved?

With so many questions arising concerning the role of globalization and trade in improving world trade, there has been a growing call for the promotion of trade policies that would address how globalization and trade can be improved. This debate is still raging and has caused a lot of debate amongst scholars as to what can actually be done to improve global trade.

Trade Interests And Current Affairs

In the midst of such serious uncertainty, there are actually four very important things that can be done: first, promote greater transparency in trade-related decisions and policies; second, maintain supply chains running, especially for necessities such as food and health; third, encourage more efficient use of trade resources by governments and businesses alike; fourth, increase the level of protection afforded to trade interests.

Of these, I believe the first one is by far the most important and I will briefly outline the benefits of having a transparent policy in relation to trade: transparency promotes trust in trading activities and allows those who have traded before to have an easier time determining whether or not their trade decisions are in the interest of the economy. This is something that many people are missing out on by not having this transparency in policy making.

Transparency also promotes transparency and accountability. When a government makes trade decisions in an open, transparent way, it allows anyone who is interested to scrutinize these decisions and provide feedback to the government. It also ensures that when the government makes decisions that are beneficial to the economy, they are being made in the best interest of the country in question and that is a policy that I believe can be improved upon. Of course, if a government does not make these decisions in the best interest of the economy, there should be no reason for people to be concerned about the decisions because those decisions would not be benefiting the economy.

How Can Trade Be Improved?

Another way of how can global trade be improved is by ensuring that import/export duties are lower on goods coming into the country from other countries. Since the U.S. has lower tariffs on many goods than other countries, this helps to decrease the import bill and increase the ability of countries to purchase those goods in order to help stimulate the economy. Also, higher import/export duties mean that businesses have a better chance at buying foreign investments and creating more jobs in the country itself. This should also be done on all goods coming into the country from other countries.

One of the ways that trade policies can be improved is to encourage companies to use local labor when making products and invest in domestic production. This allows for more employment opportunities in domestic economies. It also reduces the amount of foreign labor needed to produce a product thus decreasing the overall cost of production and lowering import bills for everyone in the country. This type of policy also encourages companies to buy domestically produced goods and reduces dependence on foreign labor.


Of course, the final one of the four factors is by increasing protection of trade rights for foreign investors. There are a number of ways that you can do this but one of the best ways is to increase the levels of protection offered to investment in other countries. The European Union recently imposed a quota on how much financial flows into the region must come in so that it can reduce its dependency on foreign labor by making sure that the EU is not overproducing its own labor and allowing more workers to go to other countries to seek jobs.